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FullName Email Building Office Number Phone Number Department Position
Allen Addison Robert DePoe 123 406-275-4980 TRiO Student Support Services Assistant Director
Alex Alviar Michel 117 406-275-4760 Liberal Arts Instructor
Al Anderson Adeline Mathias 112 406-275-4833 IT Services Chief Information Officer
Lesli Anderson Agnes Kenmille 117 406-275-4905 FOUNDATION Graphic Designer
Rachel Andrews-Gould Eneas Big Knife 204 406-275-4985 Administration Human Resources Director
Chelsea Arlee Robert DePoe RECP 406-275-4773 Enrollment Services Assistant
Roberto Asencio Physical Plant Operations Maintenance
Sasha Bad Bear SKC Construction Trailer 1 406-275-4800 CUSTODIAL SERVICES Custodian
Alana Bahe Agnes Kenmille 104 406-275-4926 Community Health Development Director
Carol Baldwin Paul Charlot 2 406-275-4892 Psychology Instructor
Kim Barber Academic Success 105 406-275-4868 Academic Success Student Persistence Specialist
Ken Bauer Eneas Big Knife 223 406-275-4747 Business Office Senior Accountant
Travis Beauvais Robert DePoe 129 406-275-4797 TRiO Student Support Services Student Success Coach
Tina Begay Adeline Mathias 123 406-275-4851 Business Department Instructor
Debbie Bell Robert DePoe 110 406-275-4928 Enrollment Services Academic Transfer Specialist
Dustin Bennett N'emK'wl'nuntm HCT/HEOP 102 406-675-4019 Highway Construction Training Instructor
Robyn Bennett SKC Childcare NA 406-675-8474 CHILDCARE Teacher
Dawn Benson Robert DePoe 131 406-275-4832 Student Housing Director
Antony Berthelote Piel Qlawqn 132 406-275-4080 Hydrology Department Head
Anita Big Spring Eneas Big Knife 227 406-275-4974 Administration Administrative Assistant to the President
Roy Bigcrane D'Arcy McNickle 108 406-275-4879 KSKC Media Assistant
Ellen Bigcrane Robert DePoe 132 406-275-4827 Student Housing Administrative Assistant
Mike Bigcrane SKC Building Trades 108 406-275-4789 Physical Plant Operations Manager - Facilities/Maint Techs/Custodial Service
Art Bigcrane Adeline Mathias 108 406-275-4830 IT Services Telecom and PC Tech
Shane Bird Adeline Mathias 104 406-275-4838 IT Services Network Administrator
Heather Bleecker
Robert Blood Sr. Eneas Big Knife 216 406-275-4970 Business Office Technician
Sandra Boham Eneas Big Knife 226 406-275-4973 Administration President
Aaron Brien Michel 104 406-275-4766 NATIVE AMERICAN STUDIES Instructor
Brittnee Broom Michel 104 406-275-4930 Business Tech/Office Profession Instructor
Dean Brown Physical Plant Operations Maintenance
David Burland Adeline Mathias 110 406-275-4844 IT Services Technician
Amy Burland Evelyn M. Stevenson 131 406-275-4761 Education Instructor
Shirley Butler Paul Charlot 110 406-275-4870 SOCIAL WORK Instructor
Kellie Caldbeck Agnes Kenmille 125 406-275-4744 Center for Prevention & Wellnes Violence Prevention Project Coordinator
Co Carew Paul Charlot 132 406-275-4743 COSMOS Coordinator COS
Johnson Caye Agnes Kenmille 102 406-275-4794 Community Health Development Program Assistant
Effie Clairmont Michel 119 406-275-4938 Liberal Arts Instructor
Clay Comstock
Terri Cordier Academic Success NA 406-275-4792 Academic Success CEU Coordinator Academic Success TCA
Juanita Costilla D'Arcy McNickle 214 406-275-4028 Library Instruction & Outreach Librarian
Leigh Courville Evelyn M. Stevenson 125 406-275-4800 EDUCATION Instructor
Brie Covert D'Arcy McNickle 209 406-275-4776 Library Serial and Circulation Technician
Christine Cullen John Peter Paul 209 406-275-4929 Nursing Instructor
Manda Davis Evelyn M. Stevenson 119 406-275-4771 EDUCATION Instructor
Heather Dawson John Peter Paul 105 406-275-4787 Nursing Healthcare Student Success Specialist
Sandra DeBruin SKC Building Trades 108 406-275-4989 Upward Bound Tutor
Cameron Decker Woodcock 113 406-275-4946 Fine Arts Instructor
Karen Delaney Agnes Kenmille 117 406-275-4944 Foundation Development Director
Dawn DeLay Eneas Big Knife 218 406-275-4967 Business Office Accounting Technician
Rob Dhuyvetter Piel Qlawqn 130 406-275-4902 MATHEMATICS Instructor
John Dillon Michel 107 406-275-4713 NATIVE AMERICAN STUDIES Instructor
Carrie Drye Evelyn M. Stevenson 106 406-275-4941 EDUCATION Coordinator
JoAnn Ducharme Baptiste Mathias 106 406-275-4951 Native American Studies Instructor
Raelyn DuMontier Robert DePoe 107 406-275-4855 Enrollment Services Director of Admissions
Kamiah DuMontier Michel 116 406-275-4934 Liberal Arts Instructor
Brian DuMontier Academic Success 106 406-275-4793 Academic Success DAS/ASC Instructor
Virgil Dupuis SKC Green House 1 406-275-4899 Extension Office Extension Director
Polly Dupuis Piel Qlawqn 127 406-275-4943 Math Department Instructor
Steven Dupuis John Peter Paul 110 406-275-4996 IMSI/AMP Director
Daniel Durglo Eneas Big Knife 205 406-275-4972 Administration Vice President, Academic Affairs
Terri Durglo Eneas Big Knife 101 406-275-4800 BUSINESS OFFICE Accounting Tech
Tammy Elser Evelyn M. Stevenson 132 406-275-4877 EDUCATION Instructor
Richard Everett Piel Qlawqn 123 406-275-4769 Forestry Instructor
Frank Finley Woodcock 110 406-275-4724 Fine Arts Instructor
Dolly Flores
Dean Furukawa Paul Charlot NA 406-275-4090 Social Work Instructor
Geraldine Gardipe Physical Plant Operations Maintenance
Melanie Good-Fox John Peter Paul 201 406-275-4922 NURSING Admin Assistant
Greg Gould Eneas Big Knife 207 406-275-4991 Grants and Contracts Director
Allison Grant SKC Building Trades 106 406-275-4990 Upward Bound Office Manager
Julie Gravelle Paul Charlot 111 406-275-4727 Social Work Social Work Writing Specialist - MSW
Eva Green Eneas Big Knife 214 406-275-4777 BUSINESS OFFICE Accounting Tech
Andrew Hanson SKC Adult Learning Center 1 406-275-4790 ACADEMIC SUCCESS Director of Academic Success
Lisa Harmon John Peter Paul 217 406-275-4925 NURSING Instructor
Esmeralda Hernandez-Polanco Paul Charlot 103 406-275-4891 PSYCHOLOGY Instructor
Chelsy Higgins Agnes Kenmille 126 406-275-4711 STUDENT SUCCESS Success Coach
Kristine Hilton John Peter Paul 207 406-275-4910 Nursing Nursing Faculty
Jennifer Hoff John Peter Paul 118 406-275-4907 Dental Assisting Technology Co-Department Head/Instructor
Louise Hoskinson SKC Childcare 101 406-675-8474 CHILDCARE Teacher
Judy Hudgins Adeline Mathias 114 406-275-4775 Information Technology and Eng Instructor
Valerie Johnson John Peter Paul 109 406-275-4847 Allied Health Department Head
Randall Johnson N'emK'wl'nuntm HCT/HEOP 104 406-675-4014 HCTE Instructor
Janet Jolley SKC Childcare NA 406-675-8474 CHILDCARE Assistant Director
Patricia Kelly John Peter Paul 202 406-275-4921 Nursing Director
Cleo Kenmille Robert DePoe 116 406-275-4864 Enrollment Services Registrar
Selina Kenmille Agnes Kenmille 128 406-275-4712 STUDENT SUCCESS Director Student Success
Robert Kenning Piel Qlawqn 125 406-275-4886 Forestry Instructor
Hannah Kimmel John Peter Paul 108 406-275-4932 ALLIED HEALTH Allied Health
Connie King Not_Available NA -- Student Housing Maintenance
Penny Kipp Robert DePoe 128 406-275-4798 TRiO Student support Services Director
Laura Larson-Krahn SKC Construction Trailer 1 406-275-4751
Adrian Leighton Piel Qlawqn 124 406-275-4948 Natural Resources Instructor
Heather Licht SKC Building Trades 108 406-275-4988 Upward Bound Director
Janene Lichtenberg Piel Qlawqn 128 406-275-4896 Wildlife & Fisheries Department Head
Mike Lozar Adeline Mathias 104 406-275-4831 IT Services Web Developer
Danica Luedtke John Peter Paul 118 406-275-4906 Dental Assisting Technology Co-Department Head/Instructor
Kathie Maiers Evelyn M. Stevenson 105 406-275-4750 Division of Education Admin. Assistant/Grant Manager
Natalie Malaterre Robert DePoe 128 406-275-4884 HOUSING Housing Manager
Yolanda Matt Adeline Mathias 107 406-275-4828 IT Services IT Purchasing Agent
Harriot Matt Robert DePoe 139 406-275-4721 Bookstore Book Store Sales Associate
Tracie McDonald Robert DePoe 136 406-275-4823 Dean of Students Dean
Tyler McGee-Morigeau Qalsa Kacin NA 406-275-4718 Food Services Manager
Ellie McLeod Agnes Kenmille 2 406-275-4825 FOUNDATION Scholarship Director
Randall McNair N'emK'wl'nuntm HCT/HEOP 102 406-675-4018 Highway Construction Training Instructor
Chris Monatukwa Adeline Mathias 124 406-275-4850 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Instructor
Joanne Morrow SKC Building Trades 108 406-275-4989 Upward Bound Tutor
Michael Munson Baptiste Mathias NA 406-275-4952 Native American Studies Instructor
KC Murphy Paul Charlot NA 406-275-4888 Social Work Instructor
Jason Nentwig Not_Available NA -- Physical Plant Operations Manager Grounds
Dean Nicolai Baptiste Mathias NA 406-275-4821 Native American Studies Department Head
Fred Noel D'Arcy McNickle 210 406-275-4873 Library Librarian
Salisha Old Bull Baptiste Mathias 105 406-275-4824 Native American Studies Instructor
Eva Oruste John Peter Paul 221 406-275-4953 Nursing HealthCARE Transformation Specialist
Andrea Panagakis Late Louie Caye Senior Memorial 101 406-275-4753 EDUCATION Coordinator
Zen Parry Adeline Mathias 113 406-275-4852 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Instructor
Daniel Patrick Piel Qlawqn 130 406-275-4897 Math Department Instructor
Antoine Paul Adeline Mathias 113 406-275-4800 ITCE Instructor
Santos Perez Robert DePoe NA 406-275-4857 Financial Aid Technician
Juan Perez Joseph McDonald Health & Education Center NA 406-275-4978 Fitness Center and Gym Manager
Shandin Pete Piel Qlawqn 131 406-275-4020 Hydrology Instructor
Linda Pete Robert DePoe 111 406-275-4968 Disability Services Disability Services Coordinator
Vicki Peterson Agnes Kenmille 103 406-275-4904 Community Health Development Coordinator
Brandon Peterson Adeline Mathias 107 406-275-4835 IT Services Web & Social Media Specalist
Audrey Plouffe Eneas Big Knife 203 406-275-4969 Administration Vice President, Business Affairs
Stacie Pretty On Top Adeline Mathias 111 406-275-4738 IT Services Assistant Director
Jonathon Richter Woodcock NA 406-275-4741 Media Design Instructor
Joshua Rosenau
Doug Ruhman Evelyn M. Stevenson 124 406-275-4763 Education Instructor
Allen Running Crane
Christina Rush Piel Qlawqn 205 406-275-4894 Life Sciences Instructor
Marcy Salmonsen Eneas Big Knife 224 406-275-4984 BUSINESS OFFICE Grants and Contracts Technician
Melanie Sandoval Evelyn M. Stevenson 105 406-275-4800 EDUCATION Instructor
Bill Schwarz Paul Charlot 113 406-275-4889 Social Work Field Education Director
Matthew Seeley Piel Qlawqn 126 406-275-4901 Math Department Department Head
Amanda Serrano Eneas Big Knife 101 406-275-4768 BUSINESS OFFICE Accounting Tech
Jamie Shepard D'Arcy McNickle 215 406-275-4876 Library Inter-Library Loan
Brenda Shepard
Sheldon Shepherd Eneas Big Knife 212 406-275-4856 Administration Academic Scheduler
Stacey Sherwin Eneas Big Knife 206 406-275-4931 Institutional Effectiveness Director
Teresa Sias Eneas Big Knife 117 406-275-4858 Administration Admin Assistant
Regina Sievert Piel Qlawqn 120 406-275-4995 Secondary Education Director
Georgia Smies Piel Qlawqn 129 406-275-4895 NATURAL RESOURCES Instructor
Randi Spotted Eagle Eneas Big Knife 101 406-275-4971 BUSINESS OFFICE
William Stanger Gardipe Physical Plant Operations Maintenance Grounds Tech.
James Steele Agnes Kenmille 128 406-275-4820 Development Director
Terace Stewart Robert DePoe 109 407-275-4862 Financial Aid Financial Assistance Advocate
Nicole Stiffarm Piel Qlawqn 122 406-275-4748 NRD TREES Program Manager
Jesse Stine Piel Qlawqn 206 406-275-4849 Life Sciences Instructor
Ann Stone Evelyn M. Stevenson 131 406-275-4800 EDUCATION Instructor
Jackie Swain Robert DePoe 108 406-275-4859 Financial Aid Director
Juanita Swaney Robert DePoe 122 406-275-4028 Student Services Recruiter
Dennis Talbott N'emK'wl'nuntm HCT/HEOP 102 406-675-4016 Highway Construction Training Department Head/Instructor
Antone Tall Bull SKC Building Trades 102 406-275-4789 MAINTENANCE Maintenance
Bill Tanner N'emK'wl'nuntm HCT/HEOP 102 406-675-4019 Highway Construction Training Instructor
Thomas Trickel Adeline Mathias 115 406-275-4783 Information Technology and Eng Department Head
Amie Tryon Eneas Big Knife 119 406-275-4935 Liberal Arts Department Head
Joni Uhe
Christa Umphrey Eneas Big Knife NA 406-275-4745 Liberal Arts Instructor
Jeff Vincent, Sr. Not_Available NA 406-275-4846 Transporation Director
Chastity Wagner Robert DePoe 106 406-275-4854 Enrollment Services Technician
Brooke Wagner Agnes Kenmille 108 406-275-4913 CENTER FOR PREVENTION&WELLNESS
Wren Walker Robbins Evelyn M. Stevenson 130 406-275-4780 EDUCATION Instructor
BJ Webster Eneas Big Knife 213 406-275-4966 Business Office Controller
Zachary Weingart
Rolanda Wesley - Moran SKC Childcare 101 406-675-8475 CHILDCARE Child Care Teacher Aide
Wendy Westbroek Piel Qlawqn 207 406-275-4842 LIFE SCIENCES Instructor
Zetra Wheeler John Peter Paul 110 406-275-4998 IMSI/AMP Manager